Do You Believe

Do You Believe
Dear friends and collectors,

My daughter Sahara is a composer of musical theater and music. 
To help with her Patreon page, I am offering the following to support her fundraiser.

Level I: $25/ month for one year
One Silver Print from "New Work" made on 11" x 14" paper valued at $900

Level II: $100/ month for one year
One Silver Print valued at $2500

Level III: 250/ month for one year
One Archival Pigment Print made on 25" x 30" paper valued at $5,000

Level IV: 1000/ month for one year
One honorary Classic Collector's Circle membership valued at $20,000 

Please chose a level of support through Sahara’s Patreon Page and let me know who you are so that we can decide your print(s).  Email me here:

We will keep you updated through email and via Sahara's website: Sahara Sunday Spain. 

Thank you all so very much for your kind consideration and support for my daughter Sahara. 

                       Elisabeth Sunday 

                                             Sahara Sunday Spain


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