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The Listening into the Dreaming

Dear Friends and Collectors,
The summer offering, “The Listening into the Dreaming,” perfectly captures a vision of where we should be headed as a world. 
The woman pictured is from Yap Atoll, in Micronesia located out in the far Pacific. Like many animist people — and all those who live with the rhythms and cycles of nature  her people believe, we are all of the earth, and Nature is our first teacher. 
She says, “To understand who you are, and where you come from, you have to ‘listen’ to the natural world.” She continued, 'it is through our knowledge of nature, that we understand our position in the world, and how we fit into the environment. We learn we are part of a greater whole.’ 
This shell is used in ceremonies and it is their most sacred symbol. In the photograph, the Yapese woman uses it to illustrate to the viewer, the listening into the dreaming, or into the world of nature. The dreaming is intangible: But real. If you listen, you observe, and learn.
She is photographed sur…

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