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Self-Portrait with Worlof Children, Senegal, 1986 The Africa Portfolios Part ONE.  Each year between 1986 and 1990, I traveled to remote regions in Africa to visit peoples who continued to live with the rhythms and cycles of Nature. My aim was to explore their world and our shared experiences through my camera.  Part ONE of the Africa Portfolios consists of; * Africa I: West Africa, 1986-1987  *Africa II: The Turkana, Kenya, 1988  *Africa III, The Efe, The Ituri Rain Forest, 1989  *Africa IV, The !Kung San, The Kalahari Desert, 1990 After creating other bodies of work, I returned ten years later. Part TWO consists of; *Africa V: The Dogon, Mali, 2000-2005 *Africa VI: The Tuareg, The Sahara Desert, Mali, 2005-2009  *Africa VII: The Akan Fishermen, Cape Coast, Ghana, 2009-2011 *Africa VIII: The Omo Valley Tribes, The Omo Valley, Ethiopia, 2011-2012 *Africa IX: The ANIMA/ANIMUS Sequence, 2005-2012 Part THREE TBA *The  Africa X Portfolio: 2024 - 2026 Elisabeth Sunday

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