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 Return to Senegal Self-Portrait with Worlof Children, Senegal, 1986 F irst, and before anything else, I would like to express my gratitude and  thank you for your past and continued support. These last few years have  been difficult for everyone, and I could  not have come to this moment, on the precipice of beginning a new body of  work, without your generosity, your belief in my vision as an artist, and  your love of my photography. At long last, my creative adventure continues  in one of my favorite places on Earth: Africa. Between 1986 and 2012, The  Sponsors Circle, and carefully selected collectors like you, made the  Africa I  through  IX  portfolios  possible. These bodies of work have  become iconic. They have been  published in newspapers, magazines, they have been exhibited on three continents, and now belong to many prominent museum collections around the world. Now, you are personally invited to continue the journey and be one of five pivotal collectors to join the 2022-2

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