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Faces of Nature

New Project for 2020
Please contact me for more details and how to support this project.

FACES OF NATURE:love and loss in a time of climate anxiety
FACES OF NATURE: love and loss in a time of climate anxiety, will explore the impact of climate change on the human soul through a series of photographs framed in the context of the natural and sometimes unnatural world.  This project will examine the very real emotional consequences of losing the natural world to ruin as well as how the exquisite forms found in nature, play on the human psyche, particularly on that of women. 
As we move into an era now referred to as the anthropocene epoch, we are faced with unprecedented climate and environmental uncertainty. Will our forests survive or burn? Will the oceans become so warm and so acidic that all life on earth will become threatened? Can we still find comfort in nature in the face of escalating climate instability? Will people be ever more consumed by greater and deeper climate anxiety and …

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