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TWEVLE PRINTS: photographs from home

TWELVE PRINTS: photographs from home

The Sponsor’s Portfolio Proposal
We are living in a time when our distance from the natural world has made us forget essential codes for life. Some of those codes are embedded in stories passed down through generations by indigenous peoples. They reflect on the difference between walking on the earth or being in step with the earth. I’ve had the great honor of learning from native peoples in remote parts of the world over decades of my career. Twelve Prints: photographs from home, will reflect on what I’ve learned, and examine the natural world around me to uncover a conversation, both through photography and journal writing.
Twelve Prints will mark the length of time I am at home. One print for each month where I will observe patterns of light in the changing seasons and gather a sense of what binds us to home and place. The resulting body of work will be accompanied by the book, Twelve Prints, that will also include my journal writings, past and pre…

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