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The Collector's Circle

The Collector's Circle is a fundraising method that has supported my work for over thirty years. A small group of visionary collectors join my studio each year and fund my work and projects through their membership. This has allowed me to travel the world and expand my vision and grow as an artist. It has also provided me with a community of people who believe in supporting the arts. Through their participation on the Collector's Circle, the artist and patron relationship is redefined. In this contemporary iteration, we develop and reciprocal relationship based on the fair exchange of give and take.Each and every image I have even made, was made possible through this miraculous group of people who love my work and believe in me. I couldn't have done any of this without them. The Collector's Circle book is a fundraising survival guide for artists searching for an alternative funding method that can provide them with the gift of creative freedom. In the pages of this boo…

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