My Box of Gold

March 16th

Back home now in San Francisco; the morning fog is lifting and I am full of optimism. Once my film was shot, I kept it in a locked case and never let it out of my sight. It is my box of gold, my packs upon packs of Kodak 120 film.

The film exists only as quiet potential; silver emulsion strips of latent images whose power as a picture is still a secret. I am headed for my darkroom in the coming days to see what these rolls and rolls hold within.

Here, I will post weekly about my life as an artist; the process of producing the new work and putting exhibitions together. Included will also be my new project plans, wish list and search for funding. I will show you new work as it emerges, especially photographs I am excited about seeing. I will also share with you how I select work and what is involved in producing the exhibitions and where the shows are opening.

As readers, collectors, sponsors and supporters of my work, any questions you would like to ask me would be welcome. My goal is to bring you into a deeper understanding of an artist's life and process.

Thank you for continuing to follow along at Studio Notes, 2009.

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Elisabeth Sunday


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