Me and Sahara on opening night at Photo LA.

Our booth with Thomas V. Meyer Fine Art, and my work, drew a wonderful response over the 4 day exhibition presented by dealers and galleries at the Santa Monica Civic Center. It was great to be there and meet collectors of mine whom I'd never met, but had owned my prints for years.  It was also a pleasure to meet people who had been following my career. Behind Sahara is one of the large ANIMA prints. In front is "Totem" from the AKAN fishermen series in Ghana. Along the other walls hung photographs from my Tuareg portfolio.

Ben Newcomb showing work to collectors at Photo LA

I am on my way to Ethiopia; a new place to photograph in  a little over a week, then I head west, to Ghana- back to the AKAN. It's always nice to photograph people over a series of years, to deepen the vision and understanding of the elements at play that go into making the work. While this will be my first field trip to Ethiopia and into the Omo River Valley, it will be my third to Ghana- Earlier today I was on Skype with my assistant Baesi and let him know I would be back soon and to say hello to all the guys who modeled for me.
Elisabeth Sunday 


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