Africa, 1928
Paul Travis
When I was a child, Paul used to tell me bedtime stories of his travels to Africa from the 1920's. His vivid imagery left me more awake than sleepy. When he said good-night I would grab his pant leg and beg him to please tell me more. I grew up looking at his paintings and imagining that I too, would go to Africa one day.
At the Tregoning gallery in Cleveland where this painting by my grandfather hangs.

Lion Hunters, 1928
I saw this painting by my grandfather Paul Travis for the first time the other day. It hangs in the office of a private collection. It had too much power not to be exhibited. I hope it finds its way into the collection at the Cleveland Museum of Art.
Flowers, 1929 by Paul Travis
This painting hangs in the permanent collection of artists from the Cleveland School in the Akron Museum. It is a classic Paul Travis painting with the requisite passion palpating in every brush stroke.

Still Life: Tulips (date?)

I was just cleaning up my files on the computer and came across this jpeg I found some years ago on the internet- It must  have come from an online sale or something. Anyway- I have never seen this small painting of my grandfather's but love his classic soft palette and weightless style. These flowers appear to be swaying underwater.


  1. A beautiful image of a beautiful person with a beautiful painting.


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