Gallery Talk

Giving a talk at the Tregoning and Co Gallery
 to the Friends of Photography of the Cleveland Museum of Art


From a Gallery Talk with the students from the Cleveland School of the Arts:

October 25th, 2011

Dear  Elisabeth,

Thank you for taking the time to meet and talk with me and my students at Tregoning Gallery. We had a wonderful time. I wanted to share what the students said. These quotes were collated by our class reporter, Jesus.

“I have also been to Africa before, but I didn’t experience Africa they way she [Elisabeth Sunday] did”                                                -Nina Lester

“I would like to say thank you . . .  to have the opportunity to experience a real life photographer, to increase knowledge from a different background and outlook, but the same love for photography”                                                 -Jennifer Lloyd

“It really inspired me to be more careful and sensitive about light”
                                                                                        -Raymon Pointer

“Elisabeth Sunday’s dedication has inspired me to remain focused and show my passion towards my work”

“Extremely beautiful, interesting, and showed such intricate energy, narrating the stories of the models she captured”                                            -Myesha Gardner

“Elisabeth Sunday’s worked really moved me. I was inspired, and spent hours photographing and editing Elisabeth Sunday styled pictures”    
                                                                                         -Jodeci Stewart

“Your work [referring to Elisabeth Sunday] really got me back inspired to photography. It made me want to take my talents to another level”
“Make photo not just my career, but my life!”               -James Gossett

“The field trip changed me by showing me that there is different ways to take pictures, and you don’t always have to do it the traditional way”
                                                                                         -Marcus Wynn

“She [Elszabeth Sunday] gave me a different outlook on the people of Africa. We always see the “rundown” version of them, but with her work, we see the natural beauty of our peers”                                                                             -Pierra Heard

“Elisabeth Sunday’s gallery shown me the wonders of working with mirrors”
“Some simple things in one’s life could be so fascinating”
                                                                                      -Taenyshia Blas

“Elisabeth Sunday is a unique, brave photographer”
“She inspired me to carry 2-3 extra of EVERYTHING. This is important”
                                                                                       -Tylor Roseberry

“She [Elisabeth Sunday] only uses film cameras, no digital. This inspired me to use film; Seeing how beautiful her pictures came out, I hope mine will come out as good”
                                                                                        -Dyanna Washington

“Elisabeth Sunday photography revealed that photography is more than capturing pictures in a moment in time. It’s showing how you can incorporate culture, fashion, and life into one photo”                                                -Richelle Lewis

“Her [Elisabeth Sunday] pictures were pretty amazing and beautiful”
                                                                                       -Samantha Cruz

“I thought that it was very intriguing the way the images were extended in length by a mirror”                                                                              -Daunte Chapman

            And as you have read, everyone has taken a different experience from the gallery. We, as a class, were very grateful to have this opportunity. And hopefully, we will be able to have Ms. Sunday, herself come to the school, and share some more of her experiences with us. Again, thank you for the opportunity and I hope you can see the art gallery has opened many things for all of us.

                                                                                             Jesus Baldrich
                                                                                             Class Reporter

Please, come and visit our photo department, we would love to share our work with you!

                                                                                             Warm Regards,
                                                                                              Toni Starinsky


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