Collector's Circle 2013

Welcome, the new, 2013 Collector’s Circle.

Each year, 10 individuals are invited to join my annual Collector’s Circle. Members are offered the opportunity to collect my silver and archival pigment prints at reserved prices in exchange for their support. This sponsorship model has funded and sustained my on-going “work in progress” as well as new projects and exhibitions.

As a member of the Collector’s Circle, you curate your own collection. You can select prints from the “Early Work” portfolio up to my most recent Africa prints or wait to see what I produce next. Since membership is payable in advance and credits are drawn down with each selection, collectors are encouraged to take their time; up to three years- to choose all their favorite prints. 

Prints are limited in edition, signed and numbered on the back in pencil, and produced to museum standards. My silver prints are “silver capture” and made on a rare, warm tone, fine art fiber-based photographic paper and made in a traditional darkroom by me. The archival pigment prints are produced at Magnolia Editions in Oakland with my presence and under my direction. 

Due to the high cost of producing the platinum print edition, they are excluded from the Collector’s Circle. If Collector’s Circle members would be interested in a group of 5 or more platinums- there are special member prices available.

For more information and precise details on membership, please contact me at

Thank you for your consideration,

Elisabeth Sunday


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