Throckmorton booth at AIPAD

Throckmorton Fine Art booth at AIPAD 2013
Throckmorton Fine Art is showing my work at AIPAD going on now at the Armory in NYC. Pictured here are two platinum prints; "Grace, Tuareg Woman, Mali, 2008" and "African Future, Turkana Woman and Child, Kenya, 1988." Both are printed on 25" x 30" rag paper with a 2" margin and floated on a hidden raise in a walnut shadow box. The frames are hand milled, stained to match the deepest tones and waxed. They were designed to house these prints by master framer Tamara Freedman of Spot Design in San Francisco.

It gives me a sense of deep time to see two of my prints- side by side- taken 20 years apart. 

Elisabeth Sunday


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