Desert Series

Standing © 1985

Abstract Leaves of Agave © 1985
Preparing for the new fall season, I've been organizing my studio and darkroom- in between all the other projects I have going and came across a box of work prints from the Sonora Desert Portfolio: Arizona, 1985. I haven't looked at this work in years and years. But seeing it with fresh eyes was wonderful. 

This body of work, follows the Botanical Series: 1983-1985 I made during my years living in Paris. After moving back to California, I got in my car and drove to the desert in search of interesting plants to photograph through my new mirror. This is only the 2nd series made with the nascent mirror design I was developing.

These are rough jpegs I used on the site and plan to scan the negatives and create files from which a beautiful new archival pigment print edition can be made. I will print them in two formats to start out with: 20" x 24" and 25" x 30" but other formats are also possible if you are interested- just let me know.

Here's the link. Not all of them are posted so check back from time to time.


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