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This was the 25th anniversary of the Photo LA Art Fair. I started showing with them in 2005 when they were still located at the Santa Monica Convention Center. Thomas V. Meyer Fine Art has shown my work every year for the last four (or has it been five) years, the last three at the LA Mart in downtown. Since many famous and established galleries split off years ago to create "Classic Photo LA," the Photo LA Art Fair subequently struggled to evolve and establish a new identity. Claudia Bartlett and Steve Cohen the co-directors, have worked tirelessly to re-imagine the art fair and move it forward. I see them evolving right along side photography showing new work with an emphasis on rule -breaking and bending images. I'm extremely proud to be noted as one of the top ten artists at Photo LA. 

ART FAIR REVIEW: Photo la, 25th edition


Elisabeth Sunday

Shown at Thomas V Meyer Fine Art, San Francisco

Her technique of shooting through a mirror makes impressive distortions and stretches on the bodies, as shown below. But most of all, for some reasons, you have a strange feeling of soul floating around each photographs. Like for painting on canvas this work has to be seen “in flesh” to understand its impact.


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