Unique Portfolio in Platinum

Are you interested in acquiring something extremely rare and beautiful? I am offering an entire Portfolio in Platinum. It contains fifty platinum photographs from the Africa Portfolios. This is an opportunity for someone who loves the beauty of platinum and  my prints.

Platinum printing is a 19th century process that uses a light sensitive emulsion, containing platinum. The rag paper is hand coated and exposed to a UV source. My prints are made on a handmade paper from Italy. All prints are guaranteed to last. I work with Arkady Lvov, master platinum printer in NYC- one of the few in the US to produce large format platinum prints. 

For a full details and pdf of the “Portfolio in Platinum,” please contact me:

Elisabeth Sunday
Africa Portfolio in Platinum, 1986-2012
36 Platinum Prints, 4 from each of the 8 Africa Portfolios
Printed on 16" x 20" paper with 1 1/5" boarder. Image size  approx. 13" x 17"
Edition 3

The Innocent, © 1989


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