This Summer

O P E N   S T U D I O
by appointment

Greetings Friends, Art Lovers and Collectors,

      The Studio is now open to receive guests who are interested in viewing my photographs. The studio exhibition includes the large format Anima and Animus prints, platinum prints from the eight different Africa Portfolios, and gold-toned silver gelatin prints in various formats from a variety of portfolios. I will also have information available about the Collector's Circle.

The studio is conveniently located in an artist's studio warehouse in a tiny corner of West Oakland, one block from Emeryville on Ettie Street. It's very easy to find either from San Francisco or anywhere in the Bay Area. 

Available to view is work from from the last 30 years of Mirror Photography, including: 

*The early work: Botanical prints, 1983-1985 and photographs from the Sonora  Desert, Arizona, 1985

*Mystics and Healers: Photographs from Thailand, India, Bali and Australia: 1994-1995

*The Africa Portfolio: Africa, 1986-2012

*Micronesia, 2002

*Portraits. These include various commission including photographs of Billy Idol

To set up a time, please contact me at

        Wild Best,

                     Elisabeth Sunday


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