Spring Studio Fundraiser

F  L  O  W  E  R  S

Fox Glove, 1984

The Botanical Portfolio 1983-1985, is among my favorite bodies of work. Before I used the mirror in my figurative work, I photographed in Paris' Jardins des Plantes marveling at the beauty of foxgloves, orchids, and ferns.  I am delighted to announce that I will be making these limited edition prints available from the Botanical Portfolio, a few at a time, in both archival pigment and platinum for a limited time only.

The prints will be made on 16” x 20” rag paper with a 2” boarder, made to museum standards, and signed in pencil. They are a split edition, limited to a total of 20 prints,  (10 in platinum).

For more information, please email me: IturiSun@gmail.com

Orchids, 1984
                     Cactus Blossom, 1985

About the Botanical Portfolio

Jungle Orchid, 1984

In 1975 I had an pivotal encounter with the woman who would become my mentor and friend, Imogene Cunningham. Only sixteen, I traveled to a book signing she gave at UC Berkeley, armed with enthusiasm and my print of a calla lily leaf I had developed in my high school photography lab. So thrilled to be meeting a hero of mine, I boldly presented the print (inspired by her) without first informing her it was an homage to her work. 

We had a few words. She bawled me out, in fact. 

Stunned, though tears, I flipped the print over and piped back that I admired her work and had signed it on the back,“Leaf, homage to Imogen, 1975.” Imogen relaxed and laughed. Actually laughed after giving me a somewhat public dressing down. I pushed past it.

We exchanged numbers. She became my mentor - and quickly, my friend. And though she passed away just a year later in 1976, we had a joint exhibition of our respective botanical photographs at “The Photographer’s Gallery” in San Francisco in 1985, bringing the relationship we had begun just ten years earlier, full circle.


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