Super Circle

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Dear Friends and Collectors,

You are invited to become one of four members to join the new Super Circle, 2016.

The Super Circle is an extraordinary opportunity for philanthropic collectors to contribute meaningfully to my process and invest in my work. Various forms of a Collector's Circle has supported my studio and work for over 25 years. Through the advancement of capital against a more valuable body of silver, archival pigment, and or platinum prints, the Super Circle collectors provide me with the opportunity to print, show, and shoot new work in the coming year.  

As a Super Circle member, you will have special access to my archive and future work through a substantial studio credit. You will be able to choose prints from previous portfolios and have First Look at new work as it develops.  

Also, exclusively available to the Super Circle, are my irreplaceable silver prints from my archives which I am no longer printing. I'm also offering large format platinum prints as well as archival pigment prints to Super Circle members.

The Super Circle is open to only four collectors. To receive more information, email me.

Thank you in advance for your consideration,

Elisabeth Sunday


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