Networking for EMERGE

Greetings Friends and Collectors,

I'm in LA to pick up "Emerge" from art storage and take it to SF where it will be shipped to France. But wouldn't it be wonderful to find someone interested in purchasing this beautiful, large print here instead!

To that end, I'm "activating the network" of former collectors and friends who love my work, in hopes they forward this page to someone who would love to take advantage of this short-term, moving sale offer! Thank you in advance for your efforts!

"Emerge" is one of my favorite prints from the Tuareg Portfolio: 2005-2009.
The figure is covering her head, protecting her face from a gust of wind that blew over the dune behind her, sending fine particles of sand into the air. The wind patterns shape the dunes, and can also be seen in the draped figure. I love the call and response between the folds of the fabric and the shape of the dunes that link the figure to her environment.
My work is about the relationship between people and the natural world. 
The use of the mirror amplifies how all things connect.
The archival pigment print has a bluish cast in the highlights symbolizing sky/ heaven/ air.
The brown cast of the figure represents, earth, bone, body.
The elongation represents the joining of heaven and earth or spirit.
Seen from space, the earth is blue, brown, and white: all the tones in my work.

To see other pictures of it, go here: EMERGE exhibition

Here are the details:
Emerge, 2007
Tuareg Woman, the Sahara Desert,
58" x 44" archival pigment print on rag
64" x 48.5" framed
Edition 1/3

For price please email me

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Emerge in a smaller format is in the collections of:
the LACMA, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the Cleveland Art Museum, and the Houston Museum of Fine Art.


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