Photogrpahs from Normandy, France

A Portfolio
7 Fresson Prints

I am here now. Surrounded by gentle, ancient hills and forests that carry the ground, as if guided by hand, towards small emerald valleys dotted with centuries old stone hamlets, tended farms, and open pastureland. There is a new quiet in my life. A refocusing necessary to retool the worn parts of the soul made brittle under the strain of an ever-faster churning of modern life. But here, I have taken a step back and away. The mornings break soft and open. Gone is the shock of guns firing at night and helicopters pulsing overhead chasing down my neighbors in West Oakland. Gone are the sirens. Now, I hear wind pushing against nature. I can hear insects again, and birds. The vivid black of moonless nights reveals old friends overhead I’ve not seen shining so brightly in a long-long time. I remember how much is forgotten living in a metropolis, and how the unimportant things keep us too busy and away from ourselves.

When a burdensome city life falls away from an artist, as mine has, it allows for new inspiration to percolate up from the center and rise out. This out pouring from the inner spaces we keep secret and safe, becomes the foundation for new work. So here I am—in Normandy—in transition between what was and what will be. Behind me is the broad eye of the Africa Portfolios, and in front of me is the new work about climate change perforating our world and the proposed portfolio on Mongolian horse culture. But first I will look to the now and be in the present where I am, and allow it to reveal itself to me— moment by moment— shed in “time of day,” the place where natural light photographers such as myself, find their photographs.

“Photographs from Normandy, France,” will include the prints of the Percheron horse, a breed developed centuries ago in the area where I live, in Le Parc Naturel du Perche. It will also include photographs from the famous forests, and the coast.

The Offering
“Photographs from Normandy, France” is open to five “Sponsor's Circle” members. The Fresson prints will be made on 16” x 20” paper and be presented in a clothbound clamshell portfolio box.  The edition is limited to 15.

For information on price, please email me:

Thank you,

Elisabeth Sunday


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