Gallery Talk and Walk Through

This is a photograph from my recent trip to the Sahara desert; I call it, "The Marveling." One of the things I like about this image is the universality of her gesture; the elegance of her profile. She is both herself and all of us.

Thursday, May21

Showing a new print, "Rapt" and "Receiving Grace" from 1995

*__________________________...with Ed Carey, the gallery director

*_____________________________with Jerry, a friend from the gym

The gallery talks are a good opportunity for people to gather (there is wine and cheese) and hear about the genesis of my work. I show examples of my first use of the mirror, discuss how I came to use the mirror, and share stories about my artistic family background. I also share my newest work in these small gatherings. If you are interested in attending during the month of June, contact the gallery.

Elisabeth Sunday


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