The Opening

The Opening at Gallery 291
May 7th

Openings are meant to be fun. They are the culmination of a long creative journey and manifestation of ideas teased from the imagination and made real. All the effort securing funding, travel, setting up in the field, getting home, working in the darkroom-- It finally comes forward into fruition.

Friends, family and collectors engaging a work, get a chance to experience something beyond their daily lives. Art is meant to take the viewer on a journey, to inspire an inner dialogue that brings them closer to their soul. Even ancient peoples understood the value of art and beauty; to be pitched outside of oneself through the experience of art. To look, really look--- is to allow the mind to see into another realm. This is one of the reasons why it is so critical, why it is so important to live with art and have it hanging on the walls at home. Coming from a family of 3 generations of artists and musicians, I know this to be the the key to living a full, creative and artistic life.

Me and my dear friend of 25 years, Chris Johnson who teaches at CCA.
And my dear friend Vicki Hughes.


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