The Portfolio and Exhibiton

May 7th

Just after the show is hung.

It has been years since I have had an exhibition in my own backyard- right here in San Francisco. And this exhibition is sweet, because my friends who have been so supportive over the years, can finally see what I have been going on and on about.

I am humbled by seeing the work hanging in such a beautiful space. The Tuareg Portfolio is the masterpiece of the African Portfolios; 5 years in the making. And while the exhibition is only 25 photographs, the portfolio is well over 100 images. There are at least 15 Anima photographs, 44 x 77 inches, 25 prints that are 30 x 40; and 50 prints 20 x24 and another 50 small prints on 11 x 14 paper. Not all are printed, as that is both time and resources.

However this exhibition is representative of the larger body of work.

Excerpt from my studio journal

Elisabeth Sunday


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