Gallery 291 Exhibiton

Elisabeth Sunday

 New Works From Africa

Opening Reception Thursday Evening May 12, 6-8pm

Exhibition May 12 - July 4, 2011

Last winter, I traveled to the country of Ethiopia in East Africa and met the painted tribes of the Omo Valley in the southwest. In their parched and cracked land, the Omo Valley tribes are warriors and in fierce opposition to their environment and each other. I photographed the painted Koro men, (who were only parted with their weapons for the sake of the shoot) for the Animus series exploring the shadow side of masculine identity. The resulting 73" x 43" totemic pigment prints capture the male spirit in an intoxicating combination of elegance, beauty and danger.

For 25 years, I have found my muse in Africa: a place of origins, devastating beauty, great troubles and unyielding expressions life. A few years ago, I traveled to the West African country of Ghana to scout out a new location. There, I met a group of Akan fishermen living along the beach who were willing to be photographed over a period of time. The fish, sometimes cradled in the arms of the powerful fishermen, are an ancient symbol of higher awareness and provide a proof of their continuous link to nature. I simply asked the men, to express their love for the sea through the fish they capture. The resulting portfolio of the Akan is an intimate look at their bond with the sea and the natural world and the respect they have for both.



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