On the Job.....

End of March to Mid-April 

     It seems I just got back from Africa the other day- but it has been exactly 2 months since I've been home and I am still on the go with one weekend off. Every minute has been busy with details (as shown in the To-Do List post) and planning for the exhibition at Gallery 291.

My darkroom and studio work was punctuated by 2 photography festivals; the Palm Springs Photo Festival and Photolucida in Portland. Sometimes the only way to connect with curators, book publishers and gallerists is by attending these types of events. I'll also attend the Rencontres Arles Conference in France this summer.

.....at Palm Spring Photo Festival Open Review which was held on the first day at the Hyatt where the festival is now held. Attending Photography Festivals allows me to meet one on one with gallery directors, museum curators, book publishers and agents and plan my year. So even in the midst of preparing for the exhibition at Gallery 291, it was important to continue to promote the work.

 ....at Photo Lucida Open Review which was massive and overwhelming and took place one evening at the Portland Museum in 3 shifts

Me with Wendy Watriss, director: Fotofest International: Photo by Harris Fogel
Wendy and I were laughing that we had known each other longer than anyone else there- 
having met in Arles in 1982, before she and her husband founded FotoFest.

...working on my prints at Magnolia Editions, Fine Art Press: 

Inspecting Animus #1, a 70" x 40" pigment print on rag at Magnolia Editions
 Animus #1
Animus #2 in warmer tone


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