To Do List:
Start Date: March 12th
Completion Date: April 30th

1. Develop Film- 200 rolls of 220 Tri-X
2. Make Contact Sheets
3. Edit Contact Sheets for 1st choices
4. Make Silver Prints on 24" x 20" paper
5. Gold Tone with Chemistry from Photographer's Formulary
6. Attend Palm Spring Photography Festival, Palm Springs
7. Make 24" x 20" Exhibition Prints for Gallery 291
8. Attend PhotoLucida Photography Festival, Portland
9. Work on Drum Scans of Negs at Pictopia
10. Work on Files for Animus Series at Magnolia Editions
11. Make Silver Prints on 40" x 30" paper
12. Gold Tone Large Prints
13. Spot Photographs, Edition and Sign on the Back 
14. Deliver Exhibition Set of Silver Prints to Spot Design for Framing
15. Make "Animus" Prints at Magnolia Editions Fine Art Press in Oakland
16. Ship "Animus" Prints to Finishing Concepts in Los Angeles.
17. Deliver ALL WORK to Gallery 291
18. Send Gallery Announcement File to A&I for printing
19. Pick out a Nichol Miller Dress
20. Attend Opening May 12th


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